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Introducing the Paddock Groomer

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May/June 2016
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Road Trip from Paeroa to Wellington/Otaki area doing demos everywhere inbetween - contact us to join in!

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Paddock Groomer's are now available DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR in Australia.
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Paddock Groomer, horse manure collector and debris collector, New Zealand madeAttention all horse owners, horse trainers, breeders, lifestyle block owners and anyone else who works with horses or wishes to keep their horse paddocks clean, healthy and tidy...

Introducing the
"Paddock Groomer" -
the FAST, SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE Horse Manure Collector & Debris Collector.

The Paddock Groomer quickly and effectively picks up horse manure from paddocks to help maintain cleaner, healthier pasture for your horses. It also works effectively on alpaca poo too!

The Paddock Groomer simply attaches to your quad bike, ATV or other towing vehicle. As you drive around the paddock, the very strong rotating brush sweeps up horse poo and general debris into the collection chamber. The unique floating spring mechanism means it can be used on both flat and undulating paddocks and the adjustable brush height allows for effective collection without disturbing the soil. People who own Paddock Groomers are raving about them - see the results for yourself!

Everywhere you go it will "groom" your paddocks clean by collecting manure and small debris such as weed heads, leaves, small stones and rubbish, and it can help smooth over dirt clods, leaving your horse paddocks visibly cleaner and smoother in minutes.

It's so easy! No more effort pushing a heavy wheelbarrow everyday. Now you can remove the manure quickly and easily by simply driving around your paddock. Much cleaner and healthier than spreading it with harrows.

Every horse owner knows what a tedious and physically demanding chore it is to keep horse paddocks manure free, however it remains an essential part of good horse health management to regularly remove manure to help reduce worm infestation as well as to avoid pastures becoming weedy and sour. Traditional methods of collection using a wheelbarrow and shovel or gloves are hard work and time consuming and require daily removal before the job becomes too overwhelming to tackle. If the average horse drops around 8 to 12 manures per day, this soon adds up to ALOT if you get too busy doing other things or miss a few days!

With the Paddock Groomer, you can easily collect horse poo from your paddocks every few days or once a week or as it suits you, saving you time, assisting in healthier horses and keeping your paddocks looking cleaner, healthier and tidier.

The Paddock Groomer is one of the most effective and affordable horse manure collectors available, priced at NZ$3450+GST including FREE FREIGHT New Zealand wide to your closest Toll Freight Depot.

Clean and tidy horse paddocks like this
can now be yours with the Paddock Groomer.

Clean, smooth horse paddocks
"We find we can now collect manure from a horse paddock every few days or even once a week and it takes about 15 minutes, plus our horses are happy to stay in the paddock while we clean up. It's fantastic and so easy to use! Best machine on the farm. I don't know how we ever lived without it!"
Diana & Greg Jamieson - Chester Farm, Paeroa.

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