Paddock Groomer, the fast, simple and affordable way to clean up your horse paddocks.

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The Paddock Groomer is an effective non-motorised chain-driven brush sweeper machine designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand. Purposefully invented by the innovative husband of a horse loving Kiwi lady to help reduce the ongoing labour, time and effort that horse owners go to to keep their paddocks clean, healthy and tidy.

The Paddock Groomer is designed to be towed behind a Quad Bike / ATV etc. Front tines help break up manure then swept up into the collection chamber by the strong rotating brush.

The Paddock Groomer is designed to be towed behind a Quad Bike / ATV / Ride-On mower.
As you tow it around your grazed paddock at approx 10 - 15kmph driving centrally over the manure piles, the manure is firstly broken up by tines located at the front of the Paddock Groomer before then reaching the strong rotating brush which is chain-driven by the large back wheel. The brush sweeps the manure and any other small loose paddock debris that you tow the machine over (such as leaves, stones, thatch and weed heads) into the back collection chamber which you then empty and repeat as required.

Being non-motorised means the Paddock Groomer is easy for anyone to use, it operates quietly and does not require additional fuel to run. It makes the Paddock Groomer very safe to use - when the machine is stationary there are no moving parts, no noise and the brush is not constantly rotating flatout ruining your pasture.

Undulating Horse paddocks before and after using Paddock Groomer to clean them up.

A Lockable handle (2019 models) is wound up or down to adjust the brush height when grooming or travelling to and fro paddocks. Open the top lid to see if the Paddock Groomer is full.

The specially designed brush is extremely durable and very long-lasting (under normal paddock use) and can be raised and lowered offering adjustment to ensure you are only sweeping the ground and collecting material when it is lowered.

The Paddock Groomer has been specifically designed to be no wider than a Quad Bike / ATV so it is easy to drive centrally over manure for most effective pickup and for ease of going through gateways and driving along fencelines etc.

A spring mechanism located in the towbar helps to ensure the Paddock Groomer stays as close to the ground as possible when being used over bumpy, undulating or sloping paddocks.

Each new Paddock Groomer sent out direct from factory is sent with a custom specific towbar to suit your particular tow vehicle. Alternate towbars or couplings can be purchased individually as required.



  • Hitch the Paddock Groomer onto your towing vehicle
  • Wind the front handle to raise the brushes right up off the ground
  • Drive to your paddock (maximum 10kmph)
  • Wind the handle back down to lower the brushes to the correct height for collection (assess this by looking at the brush underneath, NOT the front tines or the small front wheels which do not need to run along the ground)
  • Drive around your paddock at approx 10 - 15kmph straight over top of any horse poo or alpaca poo piles and small debris you wish to collect.
  • Look inside the top black lid anytime to check if the Paddock Groomer is full. (Note: You can also place other large paddock debris (sticks, stones etc) that you find while driving around your paddock into this lid to remove them from the paddock as well.) If you start to see a trail behind you (like a full lawnmower catcher) this is also usually an indicator the collection chamber is full.
  • When the tray (Original model) or collection chamber (Super Groomer model) is full, wind the front handle up to lift the brushes right up off the ground and drive to your dumping spot to empty the contents.
  • Repeat as necessary whenever you have time. It's that easy!

Original Paddock Groomer unloading a full tray of horse manure Super Groomer emptying collected horse manure
The Original model with removeable collection tray (left). The Super Groomer with dump lid emptying system (right).

The unique removeable collection tray in the Original Paddock Groomer allows for many options when emptying the collected material - empty under your paddock fenceline, into tree surrounds, onto a poo pile, directly onto the garden or onto a trailer to take away. The tray is similar to emptying a wheelbarrow - guide it out using the hand-hold at the back and tip sideways to empty. Collect the equivilant of 2 or more wheelbarrows at a time without any of the effort required when manually picking up manure with a shovel or the arduos task of pushing a heavy wheelbarrow around every single day!

The Super Groomer features a dump lid emptying system that dumps the collected manure and pasture debris material into a pile when you open the back lid. Simply unlatch the side lock and pull the back handle, the gas struts inside will take over and open the lid (like on a car boot) while all of the manure falls out on the spot so you don't have to do anything! The Super Groomer can hold approx 1 weeks worth of horse manure from 1 horse in 1 load (as a general guide).


  • Hose down to remove residual manure / dirt build up, especially in wet / muddy conditions.
  • Regularly check around the brush and chain areas to remove any unwanted debris.
  • Place a few drops of oil the chain occasionally.

Every new Paddock Groomer comes with a printed information booklet and emailed User Notes to help get you started, a customised towbar to suit your particular tow vehicle and a 1 year NZ Manufacturers warranty.

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