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There are 2 models of Paddock Groomer available to save you valuable time and effort:

The Original Groomer (left) with removeable collection tray
and the larger Super Groomer (right) with dump emptying lid.

Original Paddock Groomer and the Super Groomer



  • Compact, Lightweight and Effective
  • Versatile Removeable Collection Tray that is similar to emptying a large wheelbarrow but without any effort to pick the manure up or push the heavy barrow everywhere!
  • Ideal for people with a small number of animals, or who keep 1 horse per paddock;
  • Suits horse owners who are tired of mucking out everyday by hand and want to spend more time riding instead;
  • Great for people who want choice on where to empty the tray of collected manure once it's off the paddock;
  • Designed to tow behind your Quad Bike / ATV / Ride-On Mower etc.
  • Non-Motorised chain-driven brush sweeper, very simple to use and maintain;
  • An Effective, Versatile and Affordable paddock cleaner!

The ORIGINAL Paddock Groomer horse manure collectorThe Original Paddock Groomer horse manure collector
The Original Paddock Groomer is a very versatile, effective & affordable horse manure collector.

Original Paddock Groomer horse manure collectorPaddock Groomer manure collector
Lightweight & easy to handle. Empty the versatile collection tray under fences, around trees, onto garden or poo pile.

If you are a keen horse owner who places value on your time, energy and effort, this is the machine for you. The Original Paddock Groomer is very easy to use, requires minimal maintenance and is one of the most affordable and effective manure collectors available. It makes the ongoing task of mucking out horse manure or alpaca poo covered pastures a quick and simple job a few times per week or whenever suits you (and you can even sit down while doing it!) - leaving you with more time to spend doing the things you want to do like riding your horse, spending time with family and friends or simply enjoying your lifestyle block.


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• THE SUPER GROOMER (2021 edition)

  • A Larger Capacity Manure collector
  • Simple Dump Lid emptying system - just pull the handle and the gas struts open to dump a large pile of collected manure on the spot. Can be used by all ages and suitable if you suffer back pain etc.
  • Ideal for bigger Equestrian / Alpaca properties overwhelmed by the ongoing chore of mucking out, and for people with several horses living together in one paddock producing alot of manure needing to be picked up all at once;
  • Suits all busy horse owners who struggle to find time or energy to keep up with mucking out every single day by hand yet still want to keep paddocks clean and tidy once a week or whenever it suits;
  • Designed to tow behind your Quad Bike / ATV etc
  • Non-Motorised chain-driven brush sweeper, simple to use and maintain;
  • Super Size and Super Easy!

  • The SUPER GROOMER  Paddock GroomerSuper Groomer paddock Groomer horse manure collector
    The Super Groomer - large capacity non-motorised horse manure collector with simple dump lid emptying system.

Super Groomer Paddock Groomer horse manure collectorSuper Groomer horse manure collector
Easy to tow with Quad Bike or ATV. Collect, remove & dump large quantities of manure from paddocks at a time.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the chore of mucking out accumulating horse poo from paddocks while pushing a heavy wheelbarrow ever again. The Super Groomer is a proudly New Zealand made, non-motorised manure collector machine that offers very effective manure and debris pickup from grazed paddocks in large quantities at a time while being super easy to use and maintain, saving you time and effort for the important things in life - like riding and enjoying time with your horse!


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