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The Paddock Groomer has proven to be very effective at collecting both horse manure and alpaca poo. Here's some of the great feedback from NZ wide Paddock Groomer owners.

Before and After photos sent in by this very happy Original Groomer owner after using it on her bumpy and undulating horse paddocks in the Coromandel. Thanks Pauline!

"Hi Diana, I've been meaning to send you a message to say thank you so much for the beanie I received... it's the best!
The Paddock Groomer has also been a game-changer for me, this time last year I was really struggling with what to do, my paddocks were at breaking point. Now I look out and I have beautiful green paddocks and no big poo mounds scattered. I get so much satisfaction out of that!
Thank you so much for the awesome product, I wouldn't be without it now."
Megan N - Auckland (Original Groomer)

"Just a quick email to tell you we are IN LOVE with our new Paddock Groomer. We cannot believe how much time it saves and also how it picks up all the old dry thatch grass we have in our paddocks after the drought here in Hawkes Bay. Fantastic purchase - just sorry we didn't do it earlier!!!"
David and Sandy - Hawkes Bay (Super Groomer)

"Thanks for organising the Paddock Groomer Diana - it arrived last week, played with it over the weekend. Love it and it does the job on our hills. Awesome little machine!"
Debbie E - Helensville (Original Groomer)

Before and After photos sent in by Andrea H, Rotorua, who got her dirty horse paddocks cleaned up easily with her new Super Groomer just before the rain came in. Nice work Andrea!

"I finally got to "play" with my Super Groomer on Saturday, wow it's amazing. I even tackled an area that I thought the grass would be too long in, but it still made a really good job. I came across a damn rabbit hole in the middle of a paddock, that I would never have been aware of if not using the Groomer. It's easy to manoeuvre and hook up to my quad. I'm absolutely delighted with the results I'm achieving. I feel like my paddocks have been swept - and you can quote me on that."
Julie S - Wellington (Super Groomer)

"We have a small lifestyle block near Tai Tapu in Christchurch with an array of animals - more like a zoo than a farm. We were spending a lot of time picking up alpaca, horse and donkey manure. I came across the Paddock Groomer online and decided to look at one operating. That lead me to purchasing the smaller version. I cannot speak of the Paddock Groomer high enough. It's efficient, simple to use and does an amazing job at cleaning up the paddocks. Not just the manure but also the dry matter.
Diana is really customer service focused and communicated with me right through the process. She even visited our place to ensure everything was operating as it should be. All in all a great experience."
Dave H - Canterbury (Original Paddock Groomer)

"The Paddock Groomer is a super time saving tool for horse owners with an easy to use design and simple off loading system which saves hours of pushing wheelbarrows or shovelling horse manure onto trailers. Just hitch it up to any farm vehicle and whizz round your paddocks in no time. Easy opening catch to release the load and drive away. Done! Highly recommend the Paddock Groomer for keeping paddocks pristine. Even the teens or non horsey partner will be happy to take on the job with this toy!"
Kirsten R - Canterbury (Super Groomer)

Before and after using Paddock Groomer, Canterbury, May 2020. It took just 10 minutes to clean up over 1 weeks worth of manure from a mare and foal who had been in this paddock which was 1 full load in the Super Groomer.
Thankyou Paddock Groomer!!! Best machine ever. #ilovemypaddockgroomer

"It is just great saves hours and hours of work vacuuming all the alpaca poo up its a great time saver and makes lighter work, and the day much more enjoyable."
S Baerselman, Pejo Alpacas, Nelson. (Own both a Super Groomer and an Original Groomer)

"Hi, just thought I'd let you know the machine arrived on Friday and I've just cleaned all my paddocks up! Already love it! Such a timesaver, so I'll be recommending to anyone I can! Thanks for everything"
Vanessa W (Original Paddock Groomer)

"I picked up my Paddock Groomer today, have already done 3 paddocks. So excited!! Simple things make life so much better. It's wonderful!"
J Perkins (Original Paddock Groomer)

Paddock Groomer on sloping paddocks
Clear demonstration of one side of this sloping paddock that has been cleaned and one side yet to be done.
Great work Paddock Groomer!

"Fantastic new toy! It takes a bit to impress Dad and he won't stop raving about it - or driving it around the paddocks!! He did 3 paddocks last night in about 20 minutes, I was just watching it dissapear (he didn't even get to finish his beer it was that quick!). Lots of people wanting to take it away for gardens. Thanks for selling an awesome product! Clean paddocks for us."
K and S Knight, Auckland.

"Thanks so much for a very prompt and stress free sale. Fabulous trader, highly recommend AAAA+".
A Robinson

"With regard to the Paddock Groomer, I have used one for many years now and can only say that I am amazed at the way my paddocks have come up. Not only does the machine pick up the horse manure, after a few times use it leaves the paddocks like a bowling green with all the dead grass, divots, leaves and small sticks gone.
It is aptly named the Paddock Groomer and deserves the name."
Les King.

Nelson paddocks with a clay based soil, pugged from horse hooves in recent wet weather and full of old manure (left),
now cleaned and "groomed" after a stint with the Original Paddock Groomer! (right) July.

Paddock before and after using the Original Groomer. Full tray being emptied and happy horse in clean paddock. Winter 2017.

Super Groomer pasture sweeper horse manure collector machine
Horse Paddock Before using Super Groomer (left)... and after (right).

Dumping all the manure that has been removed from the paddock, with a lovely clean paddock as the result. Fantastic!

"Got the Paddock Groomer home and two excited girls tried it out straight away - it's fantastic! Thankyou! I believe it will be great and we will do good advertising for you because they are rapt."
C Cotton.

"If you've ever owned a horse, you will know that clean up is a daily, back breaking chore. In 2015, I had run out of clean up favours from my kids so I researched the best option for cleaning my paddocks, quickly and easily. The result was the Paddock Groomer. It is light and easy to handle. Apart from picking up horse poo, it also actually grooms the paddocks, picking up leaves and cut grass, stones and twigs. We also use it to groom the lawn after mowing and are so delighted that we have also decided to purchase a second Paddock Groomer! Brilliant design, great people and all at a very affordable price. We highly recommend the Paddock Groomer and are happy to speak to anyone who would like to know more."
Alison & Ron Wheeler, Sydney, Australia.

"Hi Diana, the receipt, brochures & hat arrived, thankyou. The Paddock Groomer is fantastic!!! My friends are green with envy!!! And, true to time factor, I have brought my second horse into work again. Thanks again for your help and organising the Groomer for us, very happy customer, much appreciated."
D Bowers.

"A great machine, I couldn't be with it."
Sharon Moorman.

"I just love my Paddock Groomer so much, paddocks look amazing and so much more grazing area because their toilet spots don't keep growing bigger."
P Fourie.

"I had my first play with my Paddock Groomer tonight and was really pleased with how it went. It's pretty amazing the way it works! Should make life alot easier."
C Reed.

"Just wanted to let you know I used the Paddock Groomer again today for the third time and I still can't believe how well it works! It's like magic really :-) . Our horse paddocks are looking like a golf course at the moment - perfectly groomed. Steve even came down to the paddock just after I'd started and then took over and wouldn't let me have it back - which is win win really cause I got to scratch the horses and still got the paddocks cleaned! He also is very impressed."
Pauline Litherland.

"I love my Paddock Groomer! Such a time saver and a back saver, thankyou!"
J Te Kani

"Our Paddock Groomer arrived safe and well and I have had a good run over the weekend cleaning up my horse paddocks. They look so much better already. Thanks!"
K Phillips.

"Our Paddock Groomer arrived safely and was almost immediately in action. We are very pleased with it, it does a great job. Just had to use it a couple of times to get the brushes set the right distance from the ground but sorted that out and it is great. Also the fact that it is made in NZ is great. Thank you for your product and help getting it to us."
M Shanks.

"Thankyou! A terrific buy!"
C Pinn.

"Excellent machine! Very happy."
J McCrae.

"Our Paddock Groomer works really well and was well worth the money."
A Napier



Collection trays full of manure - talk about effective!!

Three flash new Paddock Groomers all ready to go
to their new homes in Whitianga, Auckland and Gisborne.
July 2015.

Horse paddocks at Chester Farm
"This is a photo of our sloping front horse paddocks
immediately after using the Paddock Groomer
in September 2013.
Absolutely rapt with the results!!"
Chester Farm, Paeroa.


"We had been looking for quite awhile at the different manure collectors and paddock cleaners available but hadn't been able to find a product we thought would be suitable for alot of regular use on our slightly hilly, undulating horse paddocks, so were very excited when we discovered the Paddock Groomer.
It only took us a very short time to get familiar with using it and since then we have been rapt with the results. It tows easily behind our 4WD Kawasaki Mule or quad bike. Our paddocks are all noticeably cleaner and smoother after going around them with the Paddock Groomer.
With large numbers of horses always coming and going on our property with our horse training and breaking-in business, a manure collector machine is vital and ensures both our own horses and our clients horses are all happier and healthier in their lovely clean paddocks while also giving our property a professional, tidy appearance. What was always a daunting chore to try to keep up to date with has now become quite an enjoyable task a couple of times a week or even once a week because you really can see such a huge difference afterwards! Even our staff love cleaning the paddocks now!! We find it usually takes about 15 minutes to clean a paddock every 4 days or so after a horse has been in it fulltime. Our horses that are familiar with the machine are all quite happy for us to groom their paddocks while they are still in there too. It's become an easy job to do even at the end of the day instead of a backbreaking chore.
We have noticed that paddocks that have had regular use with the Paddock Groomer are starting to look better because it also breaks down and collects any weeds that are in the paddocks and removes small stones, leaves and other debris that can appear in places. It does a good job at smoothing over the ruts and clods when the ground is softer that horses create when they move around their paddocks.
We are absolutely rapt with the results the Paddock Groomer has given us."
Diana Jamieson
Chester Farm

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