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Introducing the Paddock Groomer

NO MORE FEELING OVERWHELMED looking at all the horse manure or alpaca poo accumulating in your paddocks. Now you can simply sit on your quad bike and clean up your paddocks once or twice a week, or as it suits you, using a Paddock Groomer!

The Original Paddock Groomer horse manure alpaca poo pasture cleanerSuper Groomer paddock cleaner horse manure collector alpaca poo
Paddock Groomers are the FAST, SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE
Horse Manure and Alpaca Poo Collectors.

Did you see TVNZ Channel 1 "Country Calendar" on Sunday 23rd July 2017?
The show titled "Horse Talk" featured our friendly Paddock Groomer agents, horse and rider trainers Diana and Greg Jamieson from Chester Farm, Paeroa. Viewers also get to meet Hilton McLachlan the clever inventor of the Paddock Groomer during Diana and Greg's daily life at the farm.
View episode On Demand:
(Scroll down to Episode 23 "Horse Talk")

Or you can purchase "Country Calendar Best Of 2017 DVD Volume 2" to see the programme too!

Proudly New Zealand Made, non-motorised eco-friendly paddock cleaner machines that are designed to be towed by a quad bike and effectively pickup manure and pasture debris from grazed paddocks to help maintain cleaner, healthier pasture for your horses and alpacas.

Two models are available to suit different requirements:

- THE ORIGINAL GROOMER (above left) is compact, lightweight and versatile with a removeable collection tray, ideal for properties with a small number of horses/alpacas or 1 horse per paddock. An easy to use, affordable paddock cleaner machine. Our most proven and popular model Paddock Groomer both in New Zealand and worldwide!

- THE SUPER GROOMER (above right) is a larger capacity manure collector with a simple dump emptying system, ideal for bigger equestrian/alpaca properties or those with several horses living together in one field producing alot more manure needing to be picked up, or simply for busy horse/alpaca owners with less time. It's Super!

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Very competitively priced from NZ$3450+GST.

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of using a Paddock Groomer

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Paddock Groomers are also available overseas direct from manufacturers here in New Zealand or via our worldwide agents based in USA, Canada and Sweden.


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